Crysis 2 for Low End PC

Crysis 2 (Crysis 2 for Low End PC) is a First Person Shooter (FPS) game developed by Crytek which was published by Electronic Arts (EA). It was released in March 2011 for Windows, Playstation and Xbox. In this game a person wearing Nenosuite help the New York City from Aliens. This game is still popular […]

Apex Legends for Mobile.

Apex Legends for Mobile. Apex Legends was launched on 4 February, 2019 ,was developed by EA (Electronic Arts). Battle Royale was trending tropic and EA suddenly announced for their new game ‘Apex Legends’. It became very popular in just few weeks. Now the game is in the List of the Hottest Games Ever, Apex Legends for Mobile. Now the players […]

PUBG MOBILE NEW Update 0.14.

Tencent Games has released a new Update of PUBG MOBILE 0.14 with New Infection Mode and New UI. The Beta version was released last week to be tested. New Patch report says that rework of the game has been done to Mode UI, Daily Missions. New Update comes with a ‘Infection Mode’ in EvoGround. In […]

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